Details behind the Cool Bred Combo Pack

Details behind the Cool Bred Combo Pack

Where did the inspiration for the Cool Bred Combo pack come to originate? 

Every year Jordan and Nike Release a general idea of the retros to be released for the following year. Last year I noticed that the Cool Gray 11s would return along with the coveted Jordan ones in the iconic bred color but with  Patent Leather. 

What's the thought process behind bringing these varsity jackets to light? 

By nature, we are classified as a streetwear brand, but my ultimate goal is to design magazine-ready pieces. Growing up I had subscriptions to both ESSENCE and GQ. And those early influences still impact the designs that I opt to produce. I design for masc women and the bois need real options.


Aside from the inspiration, the design process is simple.

  1. Sketch out the shell/ body. Should it have a button or a zipper? Fold-down collar or normal rounded collar?
  2. Next are the colorways. Most times the colors are already picked out but there is choosing which color works best on different parts of the jacket. Some look better as accents and some as the main color.
  3. Picking out the fabric, cuff trims, and inside lining if one will be required. Including a lining in the jackets costs more to produce but it's worth it for the luxury feel it gives customers.
  4. It's off to the factory for a sample or a full-size run. 
  5. The process can take a month or a week depending on their workload and our communication. 


Why include "Like no other." on the sleeve cuff?

Lol, it's a reminder for us as a brand and to the customer: "You are truly one a kind." We pride ourselves on being exclusive with our drops so that kind of plays into it.

What can we expect in the coming months?

In 2022 I want to change lanes a little bit. Offering packs of tailored shirts and pants. In addition to more varsity jackets and hoodies. Oh, and one surprise release. 

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